Death is a great teacher but we all ignore its teaching

Bhojraj Bhatta
2 min readMar 16, 2023

Death is a great teacher but we all ignore its teaching!

Yesterday one of our church members lost his father to cancer. It was expected but it came so suddenly that the family had no time to say a proper goodbye while he was still alive.

He was diagnosed about a year ago. After the treatment began, things were stable but not curable.

Most of the family members were living in Mizoram, an overnight journey away from Guwahati.

The last time he was rushed to hospital, they all came, but sadly he left before they arrived. They were heart broken, missing him just by a few hours.

In times like this, we all realize the value of loving and appreciating one another while we are still alive.

But as the funeral service finishes, as the family gathers together the broken pieces of their lives and move on in life, we easily forget the lessons death was trying to teach us.

Instead of continuing to be loving and appreciating towards one another, we start to feel irritated and resentful when the other person doesn’t fulfill our expectations. We stop valuing each other’s contribution in our lives.

Not only we forget to love and appreciate others, we also forget to take care of our own lives. We indulge in all kinds of harmful habits that destroy our health and happiness. We go for short term pleasure and invite lifelong misery.

Such a neglect of the lessons death tries to teach us will eventually cost us our eternity. Life after death is a certainty that we all have. But what kind of life will that be?

Sin and hell are always connected together in every religion. But it is only in the Bible do we have a solution to our sin problem. Without solving the sin problem, there is no escaping from hell.

Man can never solve his sin problem on his own. That’s why God himself became man in Jesus of Nazareth and paid the penalty of sin for mankind.

Anyone who comes to Jesus and asks him to set them free from sin, Jesus steps in and takes all their sins upon himself setting them free from sin.

Once a person is free from sin, life after death is a beautiful reality we all look forward to. It is at this point death becomes a great reminder of how we should live while we are still alive.

Let’s not forget that we all are going to die. Because we are going to die, let’s treat one another with love. Even for our own death, let’s be prepared in such a way that our families will not have to go through hard times because of our death.



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