3 Things For A Fulfilling Life!

Bhojraj Bhatta
4 min readFeb 21


It is very simple to have a fulfilling life. But people don’t believe it and miss it.

If you want, you can truly have a full and fulfilling. It is very simple. But because it is very simple, many people don’t even give it a try. They would rather go after the complex things that seemingly promise such a kind of life.

Some go after money, thinking money can buy them such a life. Some go after fame, thinking fame will satisfy their thirst. Some go after power, thinking they could command such a life. Some go after religion, thinking they can earn such a life. However, at the end of these grand pursuits, all they manage to get is a life full of disappointment and emptiness.

Full and fulfilling life is very simple. In fact, all good things are very simple in this world. The air we breathe to live is very simple. All you have to do is to inhale and exhale; that too without even being conscious of what you are doing. The water, food, sunshine; all these precious things that are essential for life are very simple, and if we follow their simplicity, we will have no problems in life.

Life becomes complicated when we abandon the simplicity inherent in life. Nature has its own simplicity; the laws God ingrained in it do not deviate from their ordained simplicity. Nature continues to flourish so long as humans do not interfere with it. But humans have interfered with it, and that is why it often becomes very destructive and unpredictable.

The God who created natural world is also the God who created man. Just as nature is simple, so is also man. Just as nature was given the laws to govern it, man was given the laws to live by them. For nature, God ingrained the laws in it. For man, the laws were his responsibility to implement because man was made in God’s image; he had the volition to obey the laws or not. If man obeys these laws, he will have a full and fulfilling life. If he disobeys them, he will have a miserable life. It is that simple.

What are the laws God gave mankind to obey in order to have a full and fulfilling life? Let’s just look at the three laws.

1. Be in harmony with God. Man was supposed to enjoy God. This enjoyment was expressed by worship.

2. Be in harmony with other human beings. Man was supposed to live in love and union with fellow human being. This was expressed in family and fellowship.

3. Take care of the earth. Man was supposed to cultivate life on earth. This was done by creative works.

However, all these laws and responsibilities were violated by the first man when he chose to sin.

He disrupted his harmony with God. As a result, man became fearful of God and ashamed of his sin. The only course he knew to take was to hide from God.

Ever since, man is trying to forget God by trying to worship anything other than God.

The first man also experienced brokenness in his marriage. He attempted to put all the blame on his wife. This was the first marital abuse by the husband. Such a fractured human relationship would later develop into bitter conflicts in human history.

The first man failed to take care of the earth. Because of his sins, the earth was cursed. It began to produce thorns and thistles and man’s work became a tiresome labor necessary for his existence.

But the Bible says that even when man is unfaithful, God is faithful. Although man disrupted his harmony with God, began to kill each other, and abuse the earth; God was faithful to his creation.

That is why God himself became man in Jesus Christ to reestablish the harmony with himself; restore the loving relationships among human beings; and renew the earth.

Therefore, now man has once again a chance to live a full and fulfilling life by simply obeying the laws of God Jesus has restored through his death and resurrection.

Three steps to a joyful life;

1. Live in harmony with God through Jesus Christ. All you have to do is to ask Jesus to come into your life to take away all your fear and shame. In other words; love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. If you want, it is not difficult. You don’t have to be a perfect person. You can express your willingness to live in harmony with God in all your sinfulness. Over time you will begin to enjoy a life free from fear and shame.

2. Live in love with fellow human beings. Start this with your closest family member, and then move to your neighbors and to whoever comes in touch with you. Replace the hate and resentment in your heart with the love for those who even might have hurt you. If you are willing to do it, it will bring healing to your body and peace in your mind.

3. Love your work as if you are taking care of the garden of God. Work is a God given gift for man. Whatever you do, do it with whole heart and soon you will experience divine blessings come upon your work and prosper you.

When you live in harmony with God, when you live in loving relationship with fellow human beings, and when you enjoy the work you have at hand, you will be surprised to find how full and fulfilling life has become!



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